Protecting Land


Protecting Land

Every year, millions of acres of farmland, recreational space, forests, and environmentally sensitive areas across the nation are paved over by housing developments, highways, and strip malls. 

Landowners interested in protecting their land have options that include perpetual land conservation agreements, land donations and bargain sales of land.


Most landowners who work with Tecumseh Land Trust protect their land with a perpetual land conservation agreement known as a conservation easement. The landowner agrees to restrict the use of the land in order to protect its conservation values. The aim is to protect the productivity of the soils and the land’s water resources. A land conservation agreement on a woods, wetland, meadow or on streamside land prohibits residential and commercial development, and is meant to preserve the natural beauty of the Ohio landscape.

What is the Tecumseh Land Trust?
What is TLT's mission?
Why do you protect so much farmland?
How do you protect farmland?
What exactly is a conservation easement?
What does it mean to hold an easement?
What if Tecumseh Land Trust were no longer in business?
How are you funded? Do you get money from the Government?
How do you decide what land is most important to protect?
What progress have you made with Clean Ohio?
What can local government do to assist in land preservation?
What can individuals do to assist in land preservation?



Here is a nice summary of the role land trusts play in land use and conservation.  It was written by Antioch College Miller Fellow Lauren Gjessing when she interned with us.

Since most of you probably don't get the Ohio Township News, I thought I would share the article with you here.

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