Facebook Photo Contest

Click the above photo to be transferred to our Facebook page.

Click the above photo to be transferred to our Facebook page.

Hello everyone! TLT is happy to announce we've decided to hold a mini contest right here on Facebook! Submit pictures that you have taken of your favorite natural place to our page by clicking "Photo / Video" where you would normally post on our page, and the winner will be featured as our next cover photo! The winner will be announced at our Annual Meeting on June 2nd. Submissions are closed as of midnight on May 26th; any photos received after then will not be considered for the prize. "Honorable Mention" photos will be featured in a post on our Facebook page, and all photos submitted will be featured in a gallery on our website.

The winning picture will also be printed on a card with the winner's name (which the winner may choose to autograph or not) to be passed out to everyone who attends our Annual Meeting!

-The picture must be taken by you. If you share a Facebook account with someone, please credit which one of you is submitting the picture.

-The picture must be of an area within Greene or Clark Counties.

-Please submit no more than three pictures. If you submit more than three, only the first three you submit will be considered.

-All photos entered into this contest will be used by the land trust at our discretion in perpetuity including print and promotional materials and the TLT website. TLT will give proper credit whenever a photo is used and you retain rights to ownership and to use your pictures however you please.

-Photos MAY BE digitally altered to enhance colors, shadows, or lighting, or to take something out of the picture. Please do not add anything to the pictures. If you do digitally alter your picture, please indicate so when you submit it. This includes using filters from apps like Instagram or that are built in to phone cameras.

-Pictures will be judged on artistic value, creativity, and public reception. Public reception will be gauged by the number of "likes" a photo receives on the post it is submitted in on our page. *The photo with the most likes will not necessarily win*

-Pictures may be of natural places. Nature reserves, farmland, natural water sources, etcetera will be accepted. Man-made structures such as cities, graffiti on walls, towns, etcetera will not be accepted, *except for* structures that have been abandoned and overrun by nature or structures relating to farming.

-"Honorable Mention" pictures will include photos with high numbers of likes and office favorites.

If you have any questions, please message us here. Good luck, and have fun!