Persistence Pays Off for Early Applicant, Growing Green Conference, Pence Easement, Jacoby Creek Updat, New 1% for Green Space Merchant, Organic Farmer, New Board Members, Citizens Against Mining Update, Operation Bluebird & Whitehall Celebration.

TLT FALL 2018 Newsletter

Another Farm in South Charleston Block Preserved, Jacoby Creek Partnership, Agraria Update, Aerial Monitoring, 1% for Green Space Merchants,
The Farm-Plein Air Paintings, Board Member Bethany Gray, Why We Volunteer, Miller Fellows, Sunflowers & Such Photos & Solstice Poetry Reading

TLT Fall 2017 Newletter

In this issue

Sutton Farm Restoration, Eleanor Bull Legacy, Meet the New Monitors, Earth Day Plant Exchange, Jacoby Creek Update, Winter Solstice Poetry Reading,
Helping Pollinators, 15 More Easements Awarded, YS Giving Tuesday, Calendar of Events

TLT Fall 2016 Newsletter

In this issue: 

TLT Receives Record`$2.7 Million in Easement Funding

Historic 200 Year Old Farm Preserved

Drones Soar Over Farmland

Learning About Bluebirds

TLT Spring 2016 Newsletter

In this issue:
Conservation Practices Have Guided Shawnee Farm
Enhanced Federal Tax Benefits for Easements
TLT Welcomes New Easement Monitors
Yellow Springs Merchants Provide Funds fo Green Space
Thank You Volunteers!

TLT Spring 2015 Newsletter

In this issue:
Landscape Art Exhibit & Sale to Celebrate 25th Anniversary
Girl Scout Camp Now Part of Glen
TLT Essay Contest
Farm Saved by Conservation Buyers

TLT Fall 2014 Newsletter

In this issue:
Boeck Brothers Preserve Second Farm Near Jamestown
Antioch College Interns Build Community
Landowner Utilizes Equine Power
New TLT Book Discussion Group Forms

TLT Fall 2013 Newsletter

Inside this issue:
TLT & LMI Welcome Shawnee Chief to Shawnee Preserve along Little Miami River

TLT Spring 2013 Newsletter

Inside this issue:
Largest Easement Purchase in TLT History! $1,630,000 for Glen Helen Preservation
First Farm in Cedarville Township with AEPP Easement
Two Hundred Year Old Hillcrest Farm Preserved


TLT Spring 2012 Newsletter

Inside this issue:
A Record 17 Easements signed in 2011
TLT Lobbies for Clean Ohio Funding
12 Farm Block Reaches 3,000 Acres

TLT Fall 2011 Newsletter

Inside this issue:
Greene County Conservationist Strikes Twice
Harvest Auction Most Successful Ever
Farming on the Edge of Development

TLT Spring 2011 Newsletter

Inside this issue:
TLT Praised by Federal Preservation Director
Keeping an Eye on Water Quality
Considering Selling Mineral Rights?

TLT Fall 2010 Newsletter

Inside this issue:
20th Anniversary for TLT
TLT Preserved Farm Successfully Sells
Support for Local Foods

TLT Fall 2009 Newsletter

Inside this issue:
TLT Awarded National Accreditation
Varner Family Donates Easement
TLT Receives Generous Planned Gift

TLT Spring 2009 Newsletter

Inside this issue:
Switchgrass and Maple Syrup
Little Miami River Farm Preserved
Inn Keepers Support 1% for Green Space

TLT Fall 2008 Newsletter

Inside this issue:
Glen Helen Preservation Efforts
Whitehall Farm Action 10th Anniversary
TLT Receives $50,000 Gift for Endowment

TLT Spring 2008 Newsletter

Inside this issue:
TLT Team Completes 22 Easements
170-Year-Old Greene County Farm Preserved
Voter Surveys Support Land Preservation In Clark County

TLT Spring 2007 Newsletter

Inside this issue:
TLT Accepts Record Number of Easement Donations
CSA Garden Project
George Bieri Discusses Monitoring of Easements

TLT Spring 2005 Newsletter

Inside this issue:
Small Growth for Small Town
Julia Cady Society Announced
Ballot Initiatives Can Fund Local Easements Purchases