Board of Trustees

Tecumseh Land Trust Board of Trustees

Andy Elder, Board President

Andy Elder, all-around good guy!

Dave Neuhardt, Secretary

Dave Neuhardt is a corporate attorney. He and his wife Sharen own 600 acres of farmland in Miami Township, much of which is protected under conservation easement. Dave grew up at the Ohio Agricultural Research & Development in Wooster where his father managed the dairy farm. Dave is a history buff and is active with the Yellow Springs Historical Society.

Jim Timmons, Treasurer

Jim Timmons knows first-hand about urban sprawl and disappearing farmland. On April 1, he and his wife moved out of the house they had lived in for almost 30 years. On April 2, a bulldozer knocked it down to make room for a road.

Once the view from the windows of his house at the Masonic Home in Springfield, included hundreds of acres of farmland. Just before he moved, the views included acres of condos and apartments developed by the Home, as well as the continuing sprawl of Springfield.

Timmons strongly believes in the mission of the land trust, but understands, more than most, the practical problems facing farmers today. He speaks with a voice that’s always welcome on the board.

Jim is a full-time farmer and is active on the Clark County Farmland Preservation Workgroup.

Susan Miller, Vice President

Susan Miller and her husband, Phil, are long time residents of Yellow Springs. She retired in 2010 as the President of the YSI Foundation. Susan is very active in the community as a Trustee of the Yellow Springs Community Foundation, as well as TLT. Her years of business experience are a welcome addition to the board. Susan is actively involved in the planning and execution of the Annual Harvest Auction.

Chuck Dolph, Trustee

Chuck Dolph is a professor of psychology at Cedarville university and lives in South Charleston. He and his wife, Teresa, live on a small farm in Clark County just east of Cedarville. Chuck joined TLT becuase he believes "farmers are the key to ensuring that the next generation will be able to enjoy the soil, fields, streams, ad natural life that have so enriched my life." He wants his children and grandchildren to be able to enjoy that also. Chuck serves on the education and land preservation committees. He joined the board in 2012.

Fred Berge, Trustee

Fred and wife Daphne live in South Charleston.  Fred farms a 750 acres farm that has been forever preserved with an easement obtained through the Ohio Department of Agriculture's Farmland Preservation Office and held by Tecumseh Land Trust.  Fred also serves on the Clark County Soli and Water Conservation Board.

Jim Clem, Trustee

Although, no one in his family ever had a connection to agriculture, Jim said, “I liked the land and machinery, and someday being my own boss.”  After graduating from the Agricultural Technical Institute in 1979 Jim began farming “against family wishes and most advice.”  Although he had full-time job commitments, he continued to farm part time until 1988. By then he had rented enough land to allow him to become a full-time farmer.

In 2007, Jim’s son, Brian, a graduate of Diesel Mechanics College, joined the family business and Jim added more acres to his operation.  Among the properties they farm are Whitehall farm and Folger Howell farm.

Because these two farms are protected by TLT conservation easements, he feels comfortable with doing long-term planning.

Jim believes that all working farmers would profit by becoming members of the land trust and learning how they could benefit from TLT’s successful farmland preservation program.

Ed Davis, Trustee

Ed Davis retired from Sinclair Community College's English Department in 2011.  He has been active in land preservation since the effort to save Whitehall Farm in 1999 and even wrote a novel, The Measure of Everything, based on the fight to save the farm. The annual Solstice Poetry Reading, co-sponsored by TLT and Glen Helen, is a project he's been involved with since its inception in 2011. 


Evelyn LaMers, Trustee

Evelyn LaMers is an artist and business owner in Yellow Springs. She has been active in TLT since the beginning of the organization. She is our resident photographer, scrapbooker, and newsletter guru.

Anne Randolph, Trustee

Anne Randolph has returned to the board after a year's absence.  She is a dedicated conservationist and also serves on the board of the Arc of Appalachia Nature Preserve in Highlands County, Ohio.  For the Land Trust, she serves on the Personnel and Education Committees.  In addition, she enjoys helping plan the annual Harvest Auction.

Charlie Swaney, Trustee

Charlie Swaney, a lifelong resident of Mad River Township, is a lawyer in Springfield. Charlie and his brother, Jim, donated an easement of over 100 acres in Mad River Township. 

Adam Frantz, Trustee

Catherine Anderson, Trustee

Catherine Anderson is a Gestalt Professional Certified Coach, and owns Xarifa Farm in Miami Township, which is protected entirely by a conservation easement. She serves on the Education Committee and supports Operation Bluebird, an education program for youth that establishes and monitors bluebird trails on protected lands. Her passion is to bridge the gap between farming and conservation interests for greater sustainability, cultural heritage, and preservation.