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Sunflowers will not bloom until September 2019

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Celebrate 20 years since the preservation of Whitehall Farm!

Sunday, June 2 from 2-4 pm

4633 US RT 68 N

Guest speaker Kirk Hines-Ohio Dept. of Ag.-Div. of Soil & Water Conservation Chief

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the preservation of the historic Whitehall Farm. What started as a grim Christmas present in 1998 when it was announced that all 940 acres of Whitehall Farm would be auctioned off to the highest bidders quickly turned into an eight-week mission by Tecumseh Land Trust and the surrounding Yellow Springs community to raise over one million dollars to save the farm. Flea markets, rallies, concerts, silent auctions and benefit sales were organized. Bumper stickers, flyers and money jars popped up around town all to raise awareness for the cause. One man, Frank Staley, even went to such great lengths as to sell off his Wheaties box collection to raise money. Another citizen, seven-year-old Tyler Johnson, collected nearly $200 dollars in money jars placed around town.

Thanks to angel investors Dave & Sharen Neuhardt who bid on the whole property and bought all 940 acres, the farm was forever preserved through a conservation easement with Tecumseh Land Trust.

Thus today and for future generations  crops still grow on the Whitehall Farm and cattle roam the pastures. The former farm manager’s home is now the Tecumseh Land Trust office. Thousands of visitors from Ohio and beyond come to see the annual sunflower bloom on a portion of the farm along US 68 in September. Later this month, on April 20th and 21st, Dave Chappelle will host his third “Juke Joint” in one of the barns at Whitehall where local residents, renowned musicians, and Hollywood celebrities alike will join together in a musical celebration.

Yellow Springs News editor Amy Harper wrote about the preservation of the historic Whitehall Farm in an editorial on February 25, 1999 as follows:

“This is a story about one community’s attempt to preserve a sacred space, a diminishing resource and a way of life. It’s about how government and private citizens joined forces to achieve a common goal. It’s about how ordinary people can make things happen if they put their minds to it. It’s a story about us.” 


Jacoby Partnership Service Area Map

Email Michele Burns at burns@tecumsehlandtrust.org with any questions regarding the Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP), which aims to protect more of the Jacoby Greenbelt and improve conservation practices in the Jacoby and Yellow Springs Creek subwatersheds.

One of our beautiful preserved farms is for sale. If you are looking for a great place to have horses, you need to take a look at it. It is protected by a conservation easement. We would to happy to discuss with you what that entails. The realtor has some nice photos of the property--http://www.davidandkellyludwig.com/listing/mlsid/39/propertyid/218021991/



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Do you have a farm that you want to stay a farm forever? Or have you longed to invest in a farm or a natural property? If so, we’d love to talk to you about how we might be able to help you achieve your goal! There have NEVER been more options for people who want to preserve their farms or natural properties. The tax benefit for voluntary Conservation Easements was expanded significantly late last year – see the attached fact sheet for more information--click here for the pdf file. We also work with several easement purchase programs and this is the season for thinking about whether you might wish to apply. Call 937-767-9490 or e-mail burns@tecumsehlandtrust.org, and we’ll explain the options available to you!

And if you just plain want to stop sprawl, get in touch. There are so many ways to volunteer and educate – everyone can make a difference, right in their own backyard!


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Tecumseh Land Trust  was the first land trust in Ohio to become accredited. To find out more information about preserving land, accreditation, FRPP, AEPP, land trusts, and the easement process, Click here.

Our organization # is 97774. Thank you for your support.

Our organization # is 97774. Thank you for your support.