Thank you Jacoby Creek Preservation Donors! 

Your donations will continue to be held in a segregated fund to be used only for the Jacoby Creek project unless you have told us otherwise. 
We have used some of the money to assist Community Solutions in closing on the property. This is in exchange for conservation easement.
Krista submitted a federal grant preproposal at the end of April that would be for a large area of the Jacoby Creek. We will hear in a couple of months if she should present a full proposal. She has talked to a number of potential partners who are very interested in the project. 

Operation Bluebird has begun!

7th Grade Students at McKinney Middle School have started monitoring the bluebird boxes at Xarifa Farm. Follow the students on Twitter and Instagram @opbluebirdys ( https://twitter.com/opbluebirdys ) for updates, information, and tips & tricks as the project progresses!  

Good news for Jacoby Creek! Community Solutions has purchased tracts 6 and 8, totaling about 128 acres, of the 267-acre Arnovitz farm. Tract 8 has been a priority for TLT, because the land contains two tributaries of Jacoby Creek.

 Click here to read the YS News article.

Do you have a farm that you want to stay a farm forever? Or have you longed to invest in a farm or a natural property? If so, we’d love to talk to you about how we might be able to help you achieve your goal! There have NEVER been more options for people who want to preserve their farms or natural properties. The tax benefit for voluntary Conservation Easements was expanded significantly late last year – see the attached fact sheet for more information--click here for the pdf file. We also work with several easement purchase programs and this is the season for thinking about whether you might wish to apply. Call 937-767-9490 or e-mail burns@tecumsehlandtrust.org , and we’ll explain the options available to you!

And if you just plain want to stop sprawl, get in touch. There are so many ways to volunteer and educate – everyone can make a difference, right in their own back yard!

We are still on Whitehall Farm, but we have moved into a 2 story farm house.

Our mailing address is still the same:
 PO Box 417

Our new street address is:
4633 US RT 68 N

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Our organization # is 97774.  Thank you for your support.

Our organization # is 97774.  Thank you for your support.