Great news...the tax incentive bill has passed the house.  More info below and at  http://www.landtrustalliance.org/policy/tax-matters/your-help-needed-to-secure-a-majority-of-support-in-the-house

In a show of bipartisanship, the U.S. House of Representatives today passed the House bill to make permanent an enhanced tax incentive for conservation of farmland, rangeland, woodlands and other important open spaces. The bill, which included other charity provisions, passed by a vote of 277-130. 

This has been a priority for the Land Trust Alliance since 2006, and it represents a huge victory for conservation that reflects the strength of our community, which came together to urge Congress to act. This would not have been possible without land trust leaders from across the country reaching out to their representatives and their congressional staff to demonstrate the importance of this legislation to voters in their district.

The measure now goes to the Senate, where we have strong support, but will face new challenges in breaking through a legislative logjam.

So please join me in taking some time to celebrate, and then stay tuned for next steps on the march to permanence.

Thank you again,


Russell Shay
Director of Public Policy
Land Trust Alliance
Email | 202-800-2230

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Thanks to the many supporters of local food, our 11th Annual Local Foods Dinner at the Winds Cafe on Monday, August 4 is sold out.


Backyard Stewards Tour  Aug 10

Backyard Stewards Tour  Aug 10

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2  properties that Tecumseh Land Trust hold easements on are up for sale.  If you are an interested buyer, we would be happy to explain the specifications of the easement to you.  Give us a call at 937-767-9490.  The locations are:

3194 Snively Road, Yellow Springs

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